GRACIE BARRA No Gi / Submission Wrestling

About No Gi / BJJ Submission Wrestling

No Gi / Submission Wrestling

The official Gracie Barra Academy for Coventry, we are part of one of the largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu associations in the world, headed by Carlos Gracie Jr, a member of the legendary Gracie family and founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Predominantly a ground fighting art, the class focuses on takedowns, sweeps and submissions via joint-locks and chokeholds whilst also teaching the appropriate defences.

Submission wrestling, also known simply as No-Gi or grappling is a competitive martial art and combat sport that focuses on clinchwork and groundfighting, with the aim of obtaining submission.

Trained without the GI (kimono) uniform, it removes the option to take a hold of collars, sleeves and lapels, creating a faster paced and more explosive martial art.

Incorporating the most effective techniques from systems such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle, Greco-Roman Wrestling and Judo, the sport of submission wrestling provides a great base for people wanting to compete in MMA.

Guided under ADCC Submission Wrestling Champion, Braulio Estima, the classes are taught by our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructors, ensuring students receive training of the highest level.

FAQ'S ABOUT No Gi / Submission Wrestling

  • Our adult classes are available to all over 16’s, although under 18’s will need parental consent to participate. There is no maximum age limit for our classes as we believe everyone can benefit from training martial arts both physically and mentally.

  • Absolutely, our classes are designed to accommodate all levels of experience and fitness levels.

  • Classes start with some form of movement/takedowns and exercise drills to warm up before moving into the technical part of the class.

    Being able to control the opponent from a variety of positions is essential and we dedicate the biggest part of class to this. Without some form of control, it is very unlikely you will be able to achieve a successful submission or sweep.

    We will normally study one position in detail for a week or more, looking at the various sweeps and submissions that present themselves, along with the appropriate defences.

    Once members become more familiar with a position, we will increase the intensity level, drilling the techniques in a competitive scenario, know as specific training.

    We also like to include the opportunity to spar on a regular basis to play with techniques and develop your competitive game.

  • Yes, please see our Academy Rules.

  • Depending on which martial arts you attend, there will be some uniform or protective equipment you will require to progress in class. Please visit our Academy Rules or speak to a member of our team for more information.

  • No. Although we have active competitors, the majority of our students just train to learn, get fit and have fun.

    If you have an interest in competing, we will make sure you are ready and well prepared to ensure a good experience.

  • Absolutely, we offer a full one week trial with no costs or obligations to join. You will be able to try an array of different martial arts, train with world class instructors and meet our fantastic members before making any commitments to join. Book your trial here

  • We offer flexible, no contract price plans depending on how many classes you wish to attend each week. Visit our memberships page for more information.

  • New memberships can be activated on our memberships page. All major payment methods accepted.

  • No, ensuring all participants are members of Lions allows us to create a safe, supportive and team oriented environment.

  • No, all contracts at Lions are offered on a monthly rolling basis and can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded with a month’s notice allowing complete flexibility.