Boxing Class Description

Boxing classes have arrived at Lions Gym!

A classic combat sport, Lions are delighted to now offer dedicated boxing classes to members. Enriched with history and tradition, boxing still attracts the biggest following in combat sport despite the huge growth in MMA. An absolute classic on its own, Boxing is also a fantastic addition for any Mixed Martial Arts practitioner.

Members will learn how to throw punches and combinations with maximum power and efficiency, whilst covering the appropriate footwork and movement. In a fast paced and fun atmosphere, members can expect a fantastic workout. Classes will increase your muscular strength, endurance and encourage weight loss.

This is a great class for anyone looking to get in shape whilst learning the world’s favourite martial art!


  • Our adult classes are available to all over 16’s, although under 18’s will need parental consent to participate. There is no maximum age limit for our classes as we believe everyone can benefit from training martial arts both physically and mentally.

  • Absolutely, our classes are designed to accommodate all levels of experience and fitness levels.

  • Normally beginning with a short warmup, classes will start with some shadow boxing, footwork and movement drills.

    The instructor will then usually cover the class technique to practice with partners on pads or on the punch bag.

    Pad work is a key feature in our classes. A great workout and often an underestimated skill, we will teach members how to hold pads correctly and how to instruct their partner hitting them.

    Finally, we implement controlled sparring into our classes. An essential element of any martial art, it allows our instructors to monitor and ensure students are able to implement their training, whether it be for fitness,  competition or self defence.

  • Yes, please see our Academy Rules.

  • Depending on which martial arts you attend, there will be some uniform or protective equipment you will require to progress in class. Please visit our Academy Rules or speak to a member of our team for more information.

  • No. Although we have active competitors, the majority of our students just train to learn, get fit and have fun.

    If you have an interest in competing, we will make sure you are ready and well prepared to ensure a good experience.

  • Absolutely, we offer a full one week trial with no costs or obligations to join. You will be able to try an array of different martial arts, train with world class instructors and meet our fantastic members before making any commitments to join. Book your trial here

  • We offer flexible, no contract price plans depending on how many classes you wish to attend each week. Visit our memberships page for more information.